Houston’s Boxer Property recently purchased the building at 2000 Crawford, known as the St. Joseph professional building, and it’s making some changes to Houston’s skyline:

The familiar white crosses blessing IH-45 commuters will be no more, thanks to part of the renovation.

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The building will also be renamed, though the details are not finalized at this time.

In an interview, Boxer Property CEO Andrew Segal said the goal in taking down the crosses is to fill the “highly-visible” area with something people will want to share online.

“We have two giant canvases everybody sees,” Segal said in an interview. “It’s like a photo bomb in the entire downtown skyline.”

In the exchange of ownership, artists are being commissioned to come up with a new design for he building’s exterior.

Boxer lists the 18-story building’s proximity to transit and venues, like the Toyota Center and Minute Maid, among its assets, providing it plans to upgrade its elevators, restrooms and lighting, among other changes.

2000 Crawford is on the outer edge of Houston’s business district; however, currently, a little over half the office space is occupied.

The last major renovation, like the planned change to its facades, to the former St. Joseph building was nine years ago, after it was purchased by Mission Cos, when the crosses were added.

It is unclear whether Boxer Property will rename the building or ask the public for ideas after the exterior is changed.

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This is a developing story.