The colony of bats under Waugh Street Bridge beloved by Houston were forced out of their home during Harvey’s flooding.

Now, concerned Houstonians are trying to help them come back.

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This is why, recently, several bat houses were installed by a group of young Houstonians, who built the tiny structures themselves.

The bat houses are brightly colored, with stenciled bats and ‘#harvey’ painted on the sides in white.

Caoilin, Enya, Keenan, Skyler, Joaquin, Noe, and Lila built bat houses for the displaced bats of the Waugh Street Bridge. Screen shot of

“My daughters and her friends were upset about the Waugh bridge bats, so they responded by making these rocket houses,” Alan, a resident of Woodland Heights, provided in a post on the Houston Zoo blog; they reportedly got the idea from Bat Conservation International‘s website.

The bat houses are currently mounted at points along Buffalo Bayou, near the colony’s former home under Waugh Street Bridge.

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If you need or would like to help in Houston, read more here, and, if you’d like to help Houston’s bat populations, your chance starts now:

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