If this video from the world’s tallest water coaster doesn’t get you pumped for summer, nothing will

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Bring on summer!

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The first-person POV footage from Massiv, the world’s tallest water coaster blaster slide, has Houstonians ready for the 2017 Schlitterbahn Galveston peak season.

Opened in 2016 during the 10th season of the park, four uphill shoots, a triple drop, and a no-net design of the Guinness World Record structure make it one of Schlitterbahn’s most popular attractions.

The lead designer, Emily Colombo, said she was going for fun in her creation:

Off to the drawing board I went to design an exceptionally tall water coaster into a very narrow space while balancing g-forces, ride dynamics, and velocities to produce the most exhilarating experience possible. What we’ve achieved is a ride with monstrous thrills and a great story.

Of course, after a terrible Schlitterbahn Kansas City accident last summer that decapitated a state representative’s son, the company maintains that safety remains a priority and top concern.

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Only 123 searing-hot steps to the top. See you at Schlitterbahn, Houston!

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