The railway crossings at the intersection of Villamain and Shane roads in San Antonio is at the center of one of Texas’ most widely known ghost stories.

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According to the legend, a bus loaded with schoolchildren stalled while crossing and was hit by an oncoming train, killing ten children trapped inside the bus.

Today, their spirits are said to push cars across the tracks to safety if they stop there, leaving handprints in the dust or condensation on the trunk.

People have reported cars moving across the tracks by themselves on numerous occasions, and photos of dusty handprints are spread across social media.

This story is a variation on a widespread theme regularly popping up across the United States:

According to Snopes, a popular myth-debunking website, this Texas-sized legend was started by an incident in Utah in 1938 receiving heavy press coverage in San Antonio when it happened, implanting it in public consciousness.

Snopes provides that the mysterious movement of the cars can be explained by an incline in the ground not readily detectable to the naked eye, which causes cars to roll forward with gravity, unaided by the driver or ghost hands.

Or is it?

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