If your Dallas hate runs deep, this may be the beer for you

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Videos by Rare

Easton, Pennsylvania based brewing company Weyerbacher Brewing just released a new beer that Houstonians might find particularly delicious. It’s called ‘Dallas Sucks.’

“This one is for the FANS,” the brewing company says on its website page detailing the new brew. Weyrerbacher calls it the unofficial beer of the 2017 football season, saying “this brew was made for tailgating in parking lots, celebrating first downs and big hits, high-fiving friends and basking in the thrill of victory.” A jab at the Dallas Cowboys football team, it was just released September 10.

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Houstonians have already taken to it, with one posting an image of the cans on Reddit captioned, “found the unofficial beer of Houston.”

A six pack of Weyerbacher brewing’s ‘Dallas Sucks’ beer. Image courtesy of Reddit.

The COO of Weyerbacher insists its all in good fun, however. “If you’re a Dallas fan, I hope you take this as what it is – a little good natured ribbing by a fan. If you see me at our Tap Room or at another bar, let’s have a beer and enjoy our love of the sport.”

A portion of the proceeds from the sale of this beer will go toward relief efforts following Hurricane Harvey via a donation to the Red Cross.

“We tried to find a Dallas brewery that would collaborate with us on this,” said Weyerbacher’s website, “But our east coast sense of humor didn’t seem to resonate.”

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