This is why confident singles in Houston are dropping tinder for this elegant newcomer

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Videos by Rare

Ever since the internet turned dating into online shopping, making a genuine connection can be complicated. Sure, it’s easy to play the field in Crush City, but dating sites are also a great way to get line-drived by a creep or catfish.

As one of the fastest growing cities in the country, dating can be a lot to manage in Houston. But, for you ambitious young professionals looking for more than the chance to swipe left on riff-raff, there’s a new app in town changing the dating game:

The Inner Circle is helping Houston work smart, not hard. It’s made for people who want to meet the right person without all of the confusion and hassle.

Searching for a date who shares your interests and lifestyle can be exhausting. We’ve all kissed a few too many frogs, or crawfish, during the right season, but with the Inner Circle, these awkward steps are a thing of the past.

Weeding out the randos by vetting every member, The Inner Circle strategically introduces you to real potentials who share your beliefs, backgrounds and passions.

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It’s time to stop wasting time on commuters trolling Tinder on their way from their airport only looking for a layover. The letdown of getting a great match only to realize he’s only taking booty calls can be worse than a no-contact season-ending leg injury.  Too soon?

There’s a lot of bull in Texas, but with The Inner Circle’s proven philosophy for matchmaking centered on direct communication, you’ll be able to put down your horns and immediately message a person who catches your eye.

Waiting to be “liked” back to chat is so 2008 Taylor Swift.

Offering monthly events where you can meet other members in their exclusive network face-to-face, what are you waiting for?  Make your next night out on the Space City out of this world.

Join The Inner Circle today.

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