According to police, Byron Jones, 26, died Friday when he fell into a tire shredder at a recycling plant in Sheldon, Texas where he worked.

A federal investigation is underway at the Genan, Inc. plant following the accident, according to ABC13.

Sources at the factory said Jones became caught in the machine, unable free himself before getting pulled in.

Company officials said they didn’t realize what happened until after reports surfaced about Jones missing.

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The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) reportedly dispatched investigators to the plant over the weekend, examining the equipment for safety flaws. They, as well as the Harris County Sheriff’s Office, are reportedly investigating Genan.

“We are currently investigating the incident and expect to file a lawsuit in order to hold all negligent and grossly negligent parties fully accountable for this tragedy,” the attorney representing Jones’ family said in a statement.

Genan did not comment on the incident as of earlier this week.

Records show the only complaint filed against the tire recycling plant since it opened in 2014 is a “failure to maintain 40 feet of space around outdoor piles,” according to ABC13, who reportedly conducted a search of online OSHA records and the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) database.

Jones is survived by his 3-year-old daughter. May he Rest in Peace.


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