Lakewood Church pastor Joel Osteen dedicated his Sunday message to Hurricane Harvey following a week of scrutiny when his church’s doors were closed in the early aftermath.

“We’re not going to understand everything that happens, but having a ‘poor old me’ mentality or ‘look what I lost’ or ‘why did this happen,’ you know that’s just going to pull you down,” he said.

Osteen put an added focus on moving on recovering after the storm.

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“So let’s don’t have a victim mentality, let’s have a restoration mentality,” he continued. “Lord, we thank you, that you’re going to pay back what belongs to us.”

As people remain split on the truth, some church members alleged that parts of the building were flooded. Filmmaker Tyler Perry revealed in a video that he spoke with Osteen and Osteen’s wife, Victoria, and was told that there were safety concerns.

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