Judge to White Oak Music Hall: Four more shows a-go ahead of nuisance trial

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Ahead of a pending trial between a beloved music venue and its neighbors, a Harris County District Judge recently decided to allow White Oak Music Hall to hold four outdoor concerts before appearing in court.

Judge Kristen Hawkins granted a modified temporary injunction allowing the venue to hold shows at its outdoor stages in October and November prior to the trial, currently slated for December 11.

Her ruling read in part:

“Plaintiffs have presented some evidence that Defendants’ outdoor music concerts at the Lawn at White Oak Music Hall and amplified outdoor events on the Patio, the Lawn, and the Pavilion [at Raven Tower] have and may substantially interfere with Plaintiffs’ use and enjoyment of their properties by causing unreasonable discomfort or annoyance to persons of ordinary sensibilities if Defendants are allowed to host such shows without limitation.”

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Neighbors of the north side concert venue reportedly began complaining before construction even wrapped on site, claiming the noise, crowds and traffic would damage the quality of life in their communities.

They also maintained the noise from the outdoor shows, the profanity from some of the lyrics, as well as the boisterous and drunken concertgoers, regularly causes a nuisance and disrupts the neighborhood’s peace and quiet.

Chris Feldman, an attorney for the plaintiffs, explained his clients’ situations in an interview with a local radio station:

“Instead of showing a little courtesy and turning down the volume, and that’s all we’re talking about. We’re really talking about turning it down from eleven to 10.”

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John So, the venue’s managing partner, maintains the venue keeps its noise levels within the boundaries prescribed by the city’s nuisance laws:

“We have expert witnesses, professional acousticians visiting the location on a regular basis and all of that will be sassed out at trial. But we do not think that the plaintiffs’ claims are valid, that there’s a noise nuisance,” he said in an interview.

Stay tuned, y’all.

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