Texans are losing their final Blockbuster location this week. The store, located in Edinburg, opened in 2006.

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“It is with great sadness to announce that the last Blockbuster in Texas will close its doors,” said a sign posted on the door last week.

Its liquidation sale began Saturday and reportedly drew many customers, reminding the owner of the days when video rental stores used to be the weekend hotspot.

“If you would’ve come into this store on a Friday night 15 years ago, you would’ve seen this many people in here and they would’ve been running, talking movies and having fun,” said owner Alan Payne. “But, the last several years, everybody knows the business has been in decline, to the point that this was the last store left in the entire state.”

Despite the rise of online streaming sites and grocery store kiosks run by Redbox, Blockbuster still holds a special place in the hearts of many who grew up during a time when the store dominated the video rental business.

Fans who attended the liquidation sale over the weekend shared that nostalgia with reporters. Some stood in line for hours to purchase DVDs from the closing store, telling reporters they couldn’t find some films online.

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While the store’s official close date was Jan. 21, doors remain open for a liquidation sale.

Payne owns six other Blockbuster franchises, which remain open in Alaska.

Goodbye, Blockbuster.

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