Thanks to Texas’Compassionate Care Act of 2015, the three medical marijuana dispensaries across the state are now accepting patients.

Per the law’s text, dispensaries are now legally permitted to sell marijuana products with high concentrations of the chemical cannabidiol (CBD), which, according to medical professionals, relaxes muscles and reduces spasms.

However, the prescriptions are only to patients with intractable epilepsy, and the law only allows fewer than 20 doctors across the state to prescribe CBD treatments.

On February 1, reports show a 6-year-old patient became the first person in Texas to receive a medical marijuana treatment from a dispensary in Schulenberg.

A week later, another dispensary, Compassionate Cultivation, opened in Austin, and the third and final dispensary to receive state approval is set to open later this spring.

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During an interview, Houston resident Piper Lindeen said she is the mother of a 9-year-old son with epilepsy hopeful the CBD oil treatments will work where conventional prescription drugs and treatment methods failed:

“He’s tried eight different medications,” Mrs. Lindeen said, “and, then, you know, combinations of medications – it’s a much bigger number.”

She also expressed her frustration at the restrictions placed on access the treatments, which she said she believes could give her son a life free from seizures:

“Hoping to find help for epilepsy through the Texas cannabis program as it stands is like trying to find your soulmate on The Dating Game. You know –  you’re given three options.”

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Continuing to cope with her son’s struggles, Mrs. Lindeen said she now believes everything she learned in school about the dangers of marijuana may not be entirely accurate:

“In junior high and high school, I was actively involved in teens against drugs,” she said. “I realized it wasn’t the issue that we had been taught that it was.”

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