“Les Harveyables” tribute starring hurricane survivors will bring you hope for Houston

After Hurricane Harvey, survivors are slowly making it back into their homes to drag out ruined possessions and broken debris from what used to be before the storm.

Like many around Houston, Friendswood resident Sarah Hames’ home flooded, taking on 48-inches of water as Harvey hovered over the city. While cleaning after the storm, the piles of broken belongings building outside the homes in her neighborhood sparked an inspiration.

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

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Always a performer, Hames called her theater friends over to create a performance around the debris from her home.

“I said, ‘Come sweaty and come miserable so everyone can see what we’re doing here, slogging through this swamp water,'” Hames told abc13.

The troupe sang “One Day More” from Les Miserables, which paired perfectly with piles of broken boards and furniture, ruined possessions, and exhausted storm survivors.

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They dubbed the video “Les Harveyables,” a name which captures how those along the Texas coast are feeling right now.

“Les Harveyables” was shot by Jeremiah Maddix and performed by talented local actors and actresses. It’s a beautiful testament to Texans’ spirit of determination and strength.

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