Like volunteers across the city, superheroes are in Houston, and they’re here to help

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Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

Superheroes are a common part of our escapist entertainment, be it through a comic book or major motion picture or TV show.

This week, superheroes are working in a different role, however, taking a step into reality as they come forward to help victims of Hurricane Harvey.

A friendly neighborhood wall-crawler entertained children at a local shelter, while a “merc with a mouth” delivered more than one-liners to those in need.

Spider-Man entertained children at the George R. Brown Convention Center in downtown Houston, where the costumed hero chatted with young children, passed out stickers and even made a few adults take notice and smile.

The convention center is serving as a makeshift shelter for more than 10,000 people displaced by floods from the torrential rains.

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Another character who made an appearance at the GRB shelter was the man who goes by the name “Houston Deadpool.”

The red-clad comic character is the alter ego of real-life a former U.S. Army Specialist.

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Wearing a combination of the comic character’s red spandex and his army battle fatigues, he told a local TV station he received a call from U.S. Congresswoman Shiela Jackson Lee to let him know “she needed to get some food from one side of Houston to the other.”

While this method is not quite as dramatic as Commissioner Gordon lighting the Bat-Signal, it was effective in helping to deliver a large food shipment to those in need.

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Houston Deadpool mentioned he and his group brought in several trays from a restaurant, just like Congresswoman Lee requested.

No word on if the food shipments included chimichangas.

We apologize for the language of Houston Deadpool’s silver screen cousin.

The Texas version knows not to be so crass in front of kids.

A big thank you to Houston’s heroes!

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