Looking Back at the Malibu Grand Prix Murders On Its Anniversary

July 1 marks the anniversary of one of the most gruesome crimes in Houston history.

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That was the day when, according to ABC, four people were found murdered at an arcade and racetrack in southwest Houston. The bodies were found on the morning of July 1, 1983.

The incident came to be known as “the Malibu Grand Prix Murders,” after the name of the place where the killings occurred. The four victims were employees of the park, working late to prepare it for the next day’s customers, when they were killed during a robbery gone wrong. Their names were Anil Varughese, Roddy Harris, and brothers Arnold and Joerene Pequeno.

Three people were arrested and charged with their murder: Richard Wilkerson, Kenneth Ray Ransom and James Edward Randle. Wilkerson was a former employee of the park. Randle was a juvenile at the time of the trial, and was sentenced to life in prison, where he is still serving out that sentence.

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