This hotel is getting spooky! Corpus Christi resident Frank Ramirez posted a video with the caption, “IDK what it is, but I know it was here. You be the judge. Hotel in Harlingen, Tx.”

The video appears to show objects moving on their own. A phone leaps off the hook, towels are dragged from the counter, a hanger moves. According to, Ramirez started recording after the phone went off the hook for the third time. The video was taken at the County Side Inn in Harlingen, Texas. (Room 38, if you’d like to know.)

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Ramirez says he stays there regularly, since he works in Harlingen. He also isn’t the only one to encounter the unexplainable while staying in that motel, and particularly in Room 38. After watching the video, and without knowing which room Ramirez stayed in, a woman messaged him to say she had woken up “with her face scratched up” after staying in—you guessed it—Room 38.

Of course, people have already called Ramirez out, saying the video is a hoax. They note that every time one of the objects in the video moves, Ramirez moves backward, leading them to believe he’s using a fishing line to pull them. Ramirez defends his claim, saying the events have solidified his belief in the supernatural.

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Man’s haunted footage from South Texas motel goes viral Screenshot/The Eliots TV2