A coven of three Houston-based witches is reportedly working to host a monthly in-person market for area enthusiasts.

According to its website, Thorn and Moon Magickal Market is an occult supply shop run by Jessica Anderson, Dana Dark and Beth Conaway.

On the first Friday of the month, you can visit their store for oils, herbs, crystals and more, Anderson said in an interview:

“Thorn and Moon specializes in creating hand-blended incense, scented oils, and ritual anointing oils containing essential oils, herbs, and crystal shards. We also make candles for magickal purposes, hand-printed altar cloths, crystal grids, and pendulum mats. All of our handmade items and crystals are available on our online Etsy shop.”

In an interview with the Houston Press, Anderson said the pop-up shop came as the logical next step for the company, which reportedly began as an online shop known as Thorn and Moon.

The three founding women reportedly “…established (a) coven,” according to Anderson, regularly making their own spell casting supplies and eventually starting a business making the setting for others.

In fact, the number of occult enthusiasts is high enough in Houston, the women say they find a considerable demand for their products, reportedly frequently selling items side-by-side with local honey vendors and jewelers and with a DJ spinning music.

“There was definitely a need for this, it’s obvious from the awesome responses we’ve had. People are hungry to connect and learn more about what we and others do. I feel like we are on the cusp of something big and amazing happening for witches and the like in Houston,” Anderson said in an interview.

While they don’t have their own brick and mortar storefront, the three say Avant Garden, a local business host to a variety of arts-oriented events, provides the perfect spot for their monthly marketplace.

So far, the trio said there is still no backlash from individuals opposed to their ideals, and they hope it stays this way:

“I think any opposition would stem from ignorance or fear, and the mindset that anything pagan or witchy is related to evil. Of course, this isn’t true. Much of the metaphysical is spiritual and related to healing and positivity. I believe that because we are welcoming and more than happy to share knowledge with others, anyone with an open mind…would have a great time at the market.”