Move over, Mozart!  History’s newest premiere pianists are among us, and they’re right here in Houston Screenshot from YouTube
Screen Shot from YouTube

Wannabe Antonio Salieri has a new set of genius piano players to resent from beyond the grave.

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Meet second grader, Arthur Zhou, Sugar Land?s piano prodigy that began playing music earlier than Mozart himself.

Barely 7 years old, Zhou has already made his mark on the world winning prestigious international competitions and flawlessly performing at Carnegie Hall.

The 2016 performance was part of his first competition ever, where he would go on to win 1st place, and he?s keeping the streak alive this year:

His older sister, Julianne, is also unbelievably talented at the piano, describing the instrument as ?easy to learn.?

KHOU introduced us to the Zhou family last year, where we learned that the two are a mother?s dream being musically inclined without much hassling to practice.

Sorry, Salieri! Music comes naturally to the Zhou children, who barely have to bat ? or open ? an eye at the keys.

And, so precious to boot!


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Check out more of the Zhou children?s skills on their YouTube channel, and be on the lookout for big things from these players in the future!

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