New gaming-themed coffee shop to open next month in Houston

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Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

A coffee shop backed by former Houston Astro Hunter Pence and his wife Alexis, will soon cater to the gaming crowd, with plans to open their doors next month:

According to its social media posts, Coral Sword will offer slightly different fare than other coffee shops; in addition to its caffeinated beverages, Swamplot reports the space will be complete with gaming areas, as well as a private booth for recording podcasts and gaming sessions.

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The shop is also set to open with its own Twitch stream, already hosting videos, and Comic Book Men’s Ming Chen, a partner in the shop, ahead of the opening.

Coral Sword is reportedly named after a signature weapon from the Final Fantasy video game series, according to Pence, a self-professor gaming nerd.

The shop will serve coffee, tea and treats from Morningstar coffee shop, owned by one of Coral Sword’s partners, David Buehrer.

Buehrer is a Houston entrepreneur and owner of several prominent coffee shops, including Greenway Coffee and Tea, Inversion Coffee and Blacksmith coffee shop.

He is also a self-proclaimed gamer and fan of the game, “Magic: The Gathering.”

According to Culturemap, Buehrer and Pence met after Pence reviewed Blacksmith coffee shop on YouTube, during which Pence discovered how much  Buehrer liked the craft of brewing coffee, prompting him to get more involved.

Located in East Downtown, the area some call the East End, on Telephone road, when Coral Sword opens, it will share the building with East End Barber and Wired Up – Modern Conveniences, a comic and record store:

“Coffee and gaming are two of my favorite off the field activities,” Pence, who now plays for the San Francisco Giants, said in an interview. “I’m most excited about creating a space that combines the two. Incorporating new media into the coffee shop is an exciting way for me to bring a piece of San Francisco to Houston that keeps me feeling connected.”

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