The owner of Bayou City Wings calls his chain a “family restaurant,” but a new viral video of yet another fight at one of its locations might disprove the notion.

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This time, a store in Baytown was the scene of a bizarre fight between a man and a woman. When the woman tried to smack the man, he fought back, ending with the woman crashing to the ground, a bar stool toppling over her.

The fight comes on the heels of another crazy bench-clearing brawl in southeast Houston in April captured on video. Two men got into it, with pushing and shoving ensuing, and chairs went flying. Then, a woman started throwing chairs at the man–all at 10:40 p.m.

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“It’s an unfortunate incident. It’s a family restaurant. We try to offer a safe environment for a guest and employees that come in here and then every now and then you get people who kind of want to ruin the night for everybody else,” said Max Thweatt, Bayou City Wings director of operations, at the time of the April incident.

Nothing to see here — just another MMA fight at your local Houston family restaurant Screenshot from Houston Police's Tweet
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