One of Houston’s suburbs is the 12th most dangerous in the nation according to FBI data

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According to a study of FBI data on violent and property crimes by SafeWise, a security systems provider company, crime rates are on the decline.

The number of crimes has fallen by nearly half of their rates in 1991, when the nation’s rate was at its peak with, on average, about 6,000 incidents per 100,000 people, 2016 saw a spike in deadly crime.

However, two Texas cities made this year’s ‘most violent’ list, including a Houston suburb.

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Coming in at number 12, Humble, Texas, is one of the most violent places in the U.S. due to its 9.5 violent crimes and 107.5 property crimes per 1,000 people.

To keep the rates comparable, SafeWise only examined cities with fewer than 10,000 people, and while Bellmead, another Texas city outside of Waco, was the number 10 most violent city, the administrators of the survey urge citizens not to worry if their hometown made the list:

“Our ranking of the most dangerous cities in America are based on both violent and property crime per capita,” SafeWise provided on their website. “For the most part, the chances of you being the victim of a crime are not high in most communities, even the ones on this list.”

Both Humble and Bellmead made SafeWise’s list previously, but both cities also fell in their ranks of rates of violent and property-based crime measured for this survey.

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Check out the full 30-city rankings, and stay safe out there, Houston.

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