One woman takes action to help those still in the cold from Hurricane Harvey

A resident walks past debris in a neighborhood that was flooded by Hurricane Harvey in Beaumont, Texas, Tuesday, Sept. 26, 2017. (AP Photo/David Goldman)

A Kingwood woman’s move to help Hurricane Harvey victims is working to keep those who lost their homes to the storm warm this winter.

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As cold air moves across the region, residents whose homes sustained severe damage during Harvey were left coping with insufficient shelter and heating. Thanks to the efforts of Kim Benz, however, fewer storm victims will be cold inside their temporary shelter.

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Benz, who is the relief coordinator for Journey Church, is collecting heaters, blankets and warm coats to distribute to those in need in her Kingwood community.

“I was sitting here one day and I was like, there are so many people living in campers and trailers and homes with no walls, and it just dawned on me they needed space heaters,” Benz told KPRC.

With Benz leading the way, Journey Church joined together to gather donations, and others are taking notice. As Benz was piling up heaters to purchase in a Lowe’s, a man decided to add one to the haul after learning their purpose.

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Journey Church is distributing items donated for storm victims, including items provided by J.J. Watt’s foundation. Benz also created an Amazon wishlist, which allows those who wish to donate an easy option for donating a blanket.

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