Parents say they are scrambling, thanks to the closure of a uniform store

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The emperor has no clothes.

And, now, some Houston parents say their children do not either:

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It’s a quandary for a boatload of Houston-area parents who send their kids to parochial school, and are up in arms about a uniform store’s unexpected closing.

The phones are not being answered at Parker School Uniforms, and this is not the first time the business came under fire.

In August, it reportedly faced a slew of Better Business Bureau complaints after it allegedly neglected to fill parents’ pending orders; to make matters worse, the parents say the store owns a virtual monopoly over the uniform options in the city.

Parent Chuck Nie said the closure caught him by surprise:

“I called two numbers and both went to the same voicemail, and they referred me to their website, which is a blank page,” Nie said in an interview.

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For its part, Parker is not commenting as to whether its stores are temporarily closed or if the status is permanent.

Stay tuned, Houston.

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