Pearland 6-year-old accused of making terrorist threats at school

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6-year-old Mohammed Suleman’s parents believe he is currently accused of making terrorist threats at school because he is Muslim.

Suleman reportedly attends CJ Harris Elementary in Pearland, Texas, and lives with Down’s Syndrome, according to KHOU.

District officials say they deny the accusations are from anything to do with his religion.

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However, Pearland police officers said they received a call to come to Mohammed’s school after a staff member claimed the boy pretended to shoot people with his hands, saying “Allah” and “Boom.”

His parents described Mohammed as “very gentle, very affectionate,” in an interview, describing the claims against their son as ridiculous.

“She [Mohammed’s substitute teacher] said she believed he was making terroristic threats and that he’s Muslim and that he comes from an Islamic family, and they’re probably teaching him that.” activist Quanell X said in an interview.

Pearland ISD claims the report of Mohammed’s behavior is “legally required,” but does not specify why; police found no threat, and the investigation ended, but Child Protective Services also received a call on this situation as a matter of course.

“The report to the police was NOT made because of the child’s or his parent’s religious beliefs or because of fears that the child would commit a terrorist act,” the statement released by Pearland ISD reads.

The CPS investigation is reportedly still ongoing, and Mohammed’s family is asking for both an apology and tolerance training for school employees.

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While this is a developing situation, Pearland officials are reportedly disputing the claims of the parents.

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