After Hurricane Harvey, Dacus Baptist Church in Montgomery County opened its doors to shelter victims, not knowing one couple would allegedly take advantage of their generosity:

Blake Mayon and Naomi Johnston are reportedly accused of stealing tools and other items from the church, which leaders believe Mayon pawned for cash.

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Police said they found the items in a local pawn shop, eventually connecting Mayon to the sale.

Coming and going easily from the facility with the help of a key they received from the church while sheltering there after Harvey, reportedly provided to instill a sense of normalcy in the aftermath of the unprecedented weather event, the congregation went as far as to employ Mayon in odd jobs around the facility, with members eventually paying for a new truck he could use to find a job to support his family.

When church personnel began noticing the missing items, however, the couple disappeared.

Police said they later arrested Mayon after a traffic stop, during which, records show, authorities found more stolen items in the couple’s vehicle.

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Law enforcement credits tipsters with helping them find Mayon, who they reportedly caught as he left a Walmart.

Johnston is still at large.


If you would like to share more information on this case, contact your local authorities or Crime Stoppers at 713-222-TIPS.

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