Police say a Baytown woman posed as her ex to send threats leading to his fraudulent arrest

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They say hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, and, recently, a Baytown woman potentially proved the statement by framing her ex-boyfriend for a crime:

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Lisa Marie Garcia, 22, reportedly succeeded in a plan to get ex-boyfriend Brandon Berrott arrested.

According to police, Garcia allegedly created fake accounts under Berrott’s name on Facebook and Instagram, where she sent threats to herself and another woman posing as their ex.

She then reported the threats to police, accusing Berrott of authoring the messaging.

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“Lisa Garcia created a fake Facebook, Instagram account, as well as a fake phone number on apps you can create phone numbers from, and was sending threats to herself as well as my client’s other child’s mother, purportedly from him,” Berrott’s attorney Carl Moore said in a statement.

Moore said further he believes Garcia sent the messages to herself to gain the upperhand in a custody battle.

“She wanted him to revoke his parental rights and he said, ‘No, I want to be in my child’s life,'” Moore said in an interview with the Houston Chronicle.


According to reports, police arrested Berrott based on her complaints back in September.

After Berrott’s arrest, however, Garcia reportedly continued to send the messages to herself:

Each time Berrott received bail, she would bring the new fake messages she wrote to police.

Based on Garcia’s complaints, Berrott went back to jail each time for allegedly violating his bail conditions by contacting his ex; during one 10-day period in October, court records show, he racked up at least seven fake additional charges in just a 10-day period staged by his ex girlfriend.

As a result of the incident, Berrott said he lost his job at Goose Creek ISD’s central warehouse.

Because Berrott received bail, Garcia filed a report claiming Berrott’s mother, who works for Harris County, bribed presiding District Judge Brad Hart to give her ex-boyfriend bail, a claim which later proved false.

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Police say cracks in Garcia’s story started to emerge after one message’s timestamp occurred when police held Berrott in handcuffs.

They reportedly arrested Garcia, charging her with three counts of online harassment and one count of retaliation.

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