Some called this “Bruce Wayne” a playboy, but police say he is definitely not a superhero:

According to recent reports, Houstonian Bruce Wayne Wallis, 53, pleaded guilty to operating several area brothels out of apartment complexes and office buildings.

Police said they arrested Wallis, a former pilot with United Airlines and a former flight school instructor, in 2015 on charges of aggravated prostitution and engaging in criminal activity.

Prosecutors showed Wallis operated brothels at six locations in the Galleria and northwest Houston, with each location housing six to 10 women, where they would reportedly pay him $400 per week in exchange for working at his brothels.

Tracie Rebekah Tanner, 39, is also said to be facing charges for aggravated promotion of prostitution because investigators believed she worked as Wallis’ accomplice running the brothels.

Tanner’s attorney, however, claims he coerced her into working the operation.

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Documents show Wallis entered his guilty plea in exchange for a pre-sentencing hearing to determine his punishment.

Prosecutors said if the case did make it before a jury and Wallis received a conviction, he could be serving up to 20 years in prison and predicted the judge would sentence the former psuedo-pimp to probation.

In an interview with the Chronicle, Assistant Harris County District Attorney Lester Blizzard said he recommended seven years of prison time in exchange for the guilty plea.


Although United Airlines fired Wallis after learning of his arrest, he is still certified from flight school and his pilot’s license.

Prosecutors alleged Wallis used his flight school to make it look like the prostitutes worked legitimate jobs, with the school’s website featuring prices for different types of instruction.

At his sentencing hearing this week, instead of jail time, the judge handed down five years of deferred adjudication probation, along with a $2,000 fine and 150 hours of community service.


Reports revealed the judge described what Wallace did as despicable, but said he is not guilty of coercing the prostitutes.

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It remains undetermined if the “instruction” rates served as code for different sex acts.

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