Police say they found missing 6-week-old girl Shamali Flores safe overnight

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A 6-week-old baby, who police say went missing after they found her mother dead, is reportedly safe.

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Authorities said they discovered Shamali Flores unharmed overnight in southwest Houston.

Authorities issued an Amber Alert Tuesday night at around 7:00 p.m. for the baby whose mother Carolina Flores appeared to be murdered in her unit at the Magnolia Cove Apartments in north Houston.

Flores reportedly suffered multiple stab wounds, and, initially, police said they thought the baby’s father Thomas Bernardez to be responsible, but authorities later tracked him down in San Antonio without the baby.

Meanwhile, Flores’ co-workers are speaking out about how she told them she felt unsafe in her own home:

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“She would say to me and to the rest of the coworkers that she was being abused by her old man at home and that, even one day, she got kicked out of the house with her kids,” Maria Albarado, who worked with Flores at the Hilton-Americas hotel downtown, said in an interview. “His excuse was that he was the one who paid the rent and if he wanted to he could kick her out of the house whenever he wanted.”

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