In news shocking no one, I-45 between Dallas and Galveston recently won the high honor of being the 2nd most dangerous highway in the United States, with Houston’s stretch being the deadliest.

Teletrac Navman, a company specializing in traffic solutions for companies, said it conducted a study to determine the 25 most dangerous stretches of roadway in the United States, along with the 25 deadliest cities on those roadways.

I-10 between Santa Monica, Calf., and Jacksonville, Fla., made the list as the 6th most dangerous highway, with Houston proving to be the most dangerous city along the same stretch of roadway.

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According to the study, I-45 averages 1.018 traffic deaths per mile, with 290 deaths occurring on the 285 mile stretch of roadway between 2011-2015.

Data shows Houston is the most dangerous city along the interstate, with 83 of the deaths occurring in the Bayou City.

The study also examined the most dangerous month, date, day and time:

November is the deadliest month on Houston’s I-45, while the 12th is the most dangerous date; Saturday is the deadliest day, and the 2 o’clock hour is the worst time to be on the road.

The cross-country stretch of I-10 accumulated 1,730 deaths over 2,460 miles of roadway between 2011-2015, for an average of 0.703 deaths per mile.

Of those deaths, 58 were in Houston.

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Data shows July is the most dangerous month for I-10, along with the first day of the month, Saturday, during the 2 o’clock hour.

Overall, Texas proved to be the most dangerous state for driving, making up seven of the 25 cities on the list – Dallas and Austin twice, San Antonio placing once.

Stay safe or stay home, Houston!

Proving our traffic really is lethal, Houston recently made a list of the 25 deadliest roadways – twice AP Photo/David J. Phillip