Radio loudmouth who called Houston a dump is getting payback for his con-man schemes

FBI agents arrested sports radio host Craig Carton early Wednesday, authorities said. (DAVE KOTINSKY/GETTY IMAGES FOR DIAGEO via New York Daily News Website)

The “loudmouth” New York City radio host who threw insults at Houston after the 2017 Super Bowl is now tightlipped and handcuffed.

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Calling Houston “a dump,” Craig Carton of the morning radio program “The Boomer and Carton Show” on WFAN was arrested Wednesday and charged with fraud.

Carton was taken into custody shortly before 4 a.m. Wednesday by federal agents at his house in Manhattan, according to the New York Daily News. He’s being charged with scamming investors out of a staggering $5.6 million dollars in an effort to pay back his personal gambling debts.

When he didn’t make it in for that morning’s show, his co-host initially thought he was out sick.

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Carton, along with co-conspirator Michael Wright, used a fraudulent ticket resale business as a front for duping people out of their money. People would buy tickets to big-name artists like Adele and Katy Perry with promises of making a profit after the tickets were resold through a secondary market at a higher price.

Instead of being paid back to investors in the business, the money went to paying down Carton’s debt. Some investors were repaid with money borrowed from others in a Ponzi-like fashion, digging Carton into a deeper hole.

Carton ultimately rung up millions of dollars in debt through ticket purchases he couldn’t resell and gambling. He and Wright were charged with securities fraud, wire fraud, and conspiracy.

The sentence carries a maximum 45-year prison term and potentially millions in fines.

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