Raking in nearly $1 million this year, Sugar Land is cleaning up traffic with its red light cameras

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Controversial? Yes.

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Voted out in Houston?  Also, yes.

But one thing is for sure: Red-light cameras are netting a boatload of money for the city of Sugar Land.

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Southwest of downtown Houston, the city is on track to make almost $1 million for the fiscal year 2017.

With a $75 fine for each red light run, it all adds up — to a whopping $977,350.

While Sugar Land must still split the funds with the state, its share goes to future traffic safety programs.

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Despite Houston’s opposition, city manager Allen Bogard defended the lights, saying they contribute to a budget “meet(ing) the needs of our residents and visitors–today and in the future.”

Sugar Land touts itself as a safe city, and, even if drivers don’t like them, city officials believe the red-light tickets are helping achieve this distinction.



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