Rally to ‘continue the flow and growth of the Alt Right message’ canceled at this Texas university

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Not even a day after the brutal events in Charlottesville, Virginia, white power activist Preston Wiginton announced plans to hold a “White Lives Matter” rally Sept. 11 at Texas A&M. The university said Monday the event is canceled, citing safety concerns.

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According to the statement, the university believed, “Linking the tragedy of Charlottesville with the Texas A&M event creates a major security risk on our campus. Additionally, the daylong event would provide disruption to our class schedules and to student, faculty and staff movement (both bus system and pedestrian).”

And it does appear Wiginton’s event was linked to the ‘Unite the Right’ rally in Charlottesville over the weekend. Wiginton stated his goal in planning the September rally at Texas A&M was to “continue the flow and growth of the Alt Right message.” He also said he believes Saturday was an “opportune moment” to announce his rally.

With that sort of attitude, it isn’t surprising the university thought the rally might lead to trouble and possibly more violence.

A counter-rally was planned, and it remains unclear whether that event will still be held. Texas A&M says it remains committed to free speech, but the possible threat in light of Charlottesville compelled them to cancel this event.

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