Records show the sheriff in the ‘F*ck Trump’ sticker showdown may be a fraudster


Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

The Fort Bend County Sheriff known for his battle with the woman who plastered a ‘F*ck Trump‘ sticker onto the back window of her truck is making headlines for a different reason.

After the driver of the infamous sticker was arrested, she added a new sticker that said, “Fck Troy Nehls, and fck you for voting for him.”

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According to activist news website, Sheriff Nehls may have committed fraud by lying on his job application for the Fort Bend County Independent School District.

Specifically, Nehls stated he had never been arrested on the application, but records obtained by via a Freedom Of Information Act request show he, in fact, was arrested at the age of 20, in 1988, for underage drinking in Wisconsin.

On a separate application for a job with the Richmond Police Department, Nehls admitted to the arrest. Nehls got the job, but was later fired for committing 19 violations in the space of one year, according to the department’s termination letter, also obtained via FOIA request.

Violations listed in the letter include destruction of evidence, improper arrests, misleading superiors, failure to contact a victim and failure to return property.

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