Recovered by the Smithsonian, Houstonians can now watch lost footage of Texas’ Tejano superstar

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Over two decades after she was slain by the president of her fan club, Texans never forgot their beloved Tejano music star Selena.

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Celebrated for her beautiful, charismatic soul as much as for her music, Selena won hearts across the world, but no one holds her more dear than Houston – home of her last performance before she was murdered in cold blood.

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Thanks to a Spanish-language project by the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History, fans are now with another piece of the star lost for 20 years:

In 1994, Selena filmed a segment for “Tejano USA,” a Univision production.

As part of the show, crews filmed the singer’s performance in April 1994 at Hemisfair Park in San Antonio.

Selena performed at the “Texas Live” Music Festival, which was sponsored by Coca-Cola.

A Univision production manager, who also directed the segment with Selena, searched for the footage after the star’s death, but was never able to locate the recording.

Recently, however, Univision donated items to the Smithsonian for an upcoming exhibit featuring Tejano artists’ work in advertising for Coca-Cola products; included in this donation was a camera.

A blank tape used to test the camera was later digitized by the museum, revealing the lost footage of Selena.

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The lost frames show the star talking about winning her Grammy, as well as how it felt to be around the other stars on music’s biggest night. She goes on to talk about her short appearance on a TV show.

Thanks to the Smithsonian, the world recovered a tiny piece of Selena.

And you can watch the footage on YouTube or starting right now:

Anything for Selenas.

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