Refusing to let his cancer win, a Texas A&M professor is working from his Houston hospital bed

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A Texas A&M University professor who studies pollen and honey is proving he’s stronger than leukemia by continuing his passion about 100 miles from his university’s main campus in College Station.

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From the confines of a hospital room in Houston, he refuses to let his cancer win:

“You can’t keep the busy bee down,” says Professor Vaughan Bryant, who says his research and teaching are his passions.

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Even with his type of blood cancer, Bryant continues to teach his 400 students from his bed at MD Anderson; he is also continuing his research duties inpatient.

Bryant said he is in isolation for 30-days as he undergoes treatment for the lethal form of leukemia, which includes daily blood transfusions.

But, rather than spending the days in bed surfing the television, the professor said he asked for a microscope.

“They said no one had asked them for a microscope before, and they had to think about it. They thought it might contaminate my germ-free environment,” Bryant said in an interview with ABC13; for the past 50 years, Bryant researched where honey comes from and what plants bees use to create honey.

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He is said to be the only researcher in North America who studies honey.

While his form of leukemia can be deadly, Bryant said he hopes his doctors caught the cancer in time for him to recover.

He plans to return to school next week.

Gig ‘Em, Professor!

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