New information recently came to light in the case of Sherin Matthews, the adopted Texas 3-year-old who went missing under suspicious circumstances and later found dead by police.

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An exact cause of death is not specified, but authorities say there is sufficient evidence to confirm she didn’t die of natural causes.

According to WFAA, the Matthews are still working to gain back custody of their biological daughter, and their attorney said this new information doesn’t implicate Sini Matthews in Sherin’s death.

“There is nothing in the autopsy results that indicate Sini Mathews had anything to do with the death of Sherin Mathews,” attorney Mitch Nolte provided in a statement.

Originally, Sherin’s parents said they sent her outside as punishment, where she disappeared, but, then, their story changed.

They later claimed she choked on milk attempted to feed her, and her foster father admitted to removing her body from the house.

Records show Wesley Mathews is charged with injury to a child, and Sini will face charges of abandoning or endangering a child.

The court originally scheduled the couple to go before the court for a CPS hearing on Wednesday, which is now said to be delayed until January 26.

Delays are reportedly at the requested of attorneys representing both Wesley and Sini Matthews and came after the autopsy report revealed Sherin’s cause of death.

After a doctor testified the girl’s body showed signs of abuse in November, the Matthews lost custody of their biological daughter last month; authorities say there is an option at their upcoming hearing to forfeit their custody rights, which the court could terminate via a formal civil trial.

If the Matthews’ parental rights are terminated, per the law, the process is irreversible, and would mean their living biological daughter would be placed in the system, potentially eligible for adoption by someone else.

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Both of her parents remain in jail.