With the World Series featuring four games in Los Angeles, it’s no surprise the star-studded spectators included so many celebrities, including actor Rob Lowe.

After the final game went to the Astros, Lowe started a World Series controversy that is ruffling a few feathers.

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Lowe was a fixture behind the Dodgers throughout the World Series, posting regular tweets with his opinions about the game.

However, it was one tweet after the last out was posted that has the Internet taking sides.

While Houston fans initially took the statement to be a jab at the Astros — especially since Lowe had been so vocal about his support for the Dodgers — he clarified he was upset about the new slicker baseballs that were reportedly used for the World Series games.


Lowe wasn’t the only one to complain about the balls, as Astros pitcher Justin Verlander spoke about the different ball texture during the series.

Pitchers on both sides complained the balls felt slicker, making them harder to grip. This led to the ineffective use of the slider pitch, as well as an increase in home runs.

While many fans agreed with Lowe’s comment, they also questioned why he waited to bring it up only after the Astros took the series.

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The ‘Stros certainly tallied many homeruns, but the Dodgers posted several as well. Lowe even retweeted a post about Joc Pederson’s big home run for the Dodgers to win Game 4 in Houston.

But before you gather your pitchforks, here’s proof Lowe holds no hard feelings toward the winning Astros:

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