Selena Quintanilla’s father confirms the family of 6 lost to Harvey’s floodwaters was related to the singer

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While Hurricane Harvey was still pounding the Texas coastline, Houston began mourning the tragic drowning of six family members whose white van was taken by the floodwaters.

Considered one of the most horrifying moments during the storm, their death struck a chord across the nation.

On Tuesday, the world learned the six were also members of beloved Tejano singer Selena’s extended family.

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According to a social media post by the singer’s father Abraham Quintanilla, the six members of the Saldivar family who died were his distant cousins.

Manuel Saldivar, his wife Belia and his grandchildren Devy, 16, Dominic, 14, Xavier, 8 and Daisy, 6, perished when their van was swept away by the current in the rising waters surrounding Greens Bayou.

The children’s uncle, who was driving, survived.

Saldivar’s mother was a first cousin of Quintanilla’s father, making the two families related.

Selena, who was born in Texas, remains one of the state’s most loved celebrities.

In 1995, she was murdered by the president of her fan club outside of a hotel in Corpus Christi.

A photoshopped statue of Selena standing in Corpus Christi was the center of a Hurricane Harvey meme before the storm, lightheartedly representing Texas’ commitment to protecting the legacy of the star.

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The moment to smile was short lived after the Saldivars were lost in the floodwaters on Monday, August 26.

Relatives knew the family likely did not survive after going missing, alerting the media about the tragedy.

However, their van wasn’t found until Wednesday, when floodwaters began to recede, confirming the horrible truth.

Harvey claimed at least 60 lives.

If you need or would like to help in Houston, read more here.

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