A tribute artist who performs as the late Tejano singer Selena Quintanilla-Perez received “non-stop” negative messages and at least one death threat after a photo of her signing a CD was posted online.

Amanda Solis, a Texas City nurse, also performs at parties and other special events dressed as the late singer performing classic Selena songs. Solis also appeared as Selena in a 2017 TV movie, “Murder Made Me Famous,” about the singer’s 1995 murder at the hands of employee and obsessed fan Yolanda Saldivar.

Solis told a local TV station her admiration of the singer began when she was a young girl. She started performing as Selena because she “looked up to her.”

“She inspired me,” Solis said.

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When she performed at a recent party, a special needs child asked her to autograph the child’s collection of Selena CDs. Solis signed the CDs with her real name, and her father took a photo of her with the child and posted it to her Instagram account.

Selena’s father, Abraham Quintanilla, posted the photo on his Facebook page and complained Solis was attempting to take credit for his daughter’s talent.

“[T]his woman Amanda Solis autographing Selena’s CD’s, taking Selena’s accomplishments as if they were her own, and she needs to know it’s not OK,” he wrote.

Irate Selena fans posted virulent responses at Solis to both social media posts, including one which read, “Why don’t you just kill yourself?”

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“It’s not right because I don’t want to be bullied because it brings back those memories of when I was bullied in school,” Solis told a local TV station.

However, she also said the harmful remarks will not stop her from performing as her idol.

“All I want is to promote a culture of positivity and love that I would want everyone else to have,” Solis said.

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