Following the Valentine’s Day tragedy in Florida, students and parents across the United States are on edge — including those right here at home.

A day after authorities arrested a student who reportedly brought a gun to a Houston charter school, students at a high school in Humble ISD expressed plans to stay home Friday due to a threat against their own school.

Students at Kingwood Park High School claim they overheard a group of boys discussing violence and a school hit list.

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They said they reported their concerns to the school, but both parents and students say they are still afraid:

“My mom is really concerned about…the safety and everything like that. She’s afraid that I’m gonna get affected by it and, personally, I agree with her,”  Kingwood Park High School junior Christian Corette said in an interview with Eyewitness News.

One student’s older sister Tweeted out a photo of an email she said they received from the school:

The email acknowledges the threats stem from a conversation overheard at a lunch table on February 1 concerning school violence and a hit list, and, in response to the claims, school officials said they conducted an investigation and even searched a student’s home, where they collected no evidence.

“There was no real hit list. It was an inappropriate conversation among a group of high school boys during lunch,” Humble ISD’s Jamie Mount said in another interview.

Despite the school’s claims, one student claims they saw another student with the list:

“She read it, and she physically read all his plans and all that was going on,” a friend of the student said in an additional interview with Eyewitness News. “She told me she was, like, really scared for coming to school and stuff.”

Other students took to social media to express their concerns:

According to school officials, however, this action of posting online is part of the problem:

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“Social media spreads rumors,” KPHS principal Lisa Drabing wrote in the email sent home to parents.

In response to the fears, the school cancelled a pep rally scheduled for today, Friday, Feb. 16.

This week, high schools across Houston are reportedly increasing security around campuses to ensure student safety, as our nation mourns the 17 lost in the latest school shooting in south Florida.

May these victims RIP and our students know safety in their classrooms.

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