An enterprising group of Houston ladies are reportedly turning their love of knitting into a charitable outreach efforts dedicated to helping several different causes:

According to its website, the Helping Hands Ladies of Cypress use their skills to turn ordinary threads into extraordinary gifts for those in need.

From hats and scarves, to baby blankets and quilts, the Ladies are skilled, able to put their handiwork to create a variety of items for those less fortunate.

The 25 Ladies reportedly meet in the Cypress home of Pamela Zwecker to share ideas and work on projects together, with their past items including quilts for the homeless and hospice patients, baby blankets for hospitals and other charities, as well as purple baby hats to raise awareness of shaken baby syndrome.

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Perhaps one of the group’s most recognizable projects is their “Hero Hat” effort – red, white and blue knit caps with “Hero” and related words woven into their structure.

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The group reportedly knitted over 300 caps and donated them to first responders who saved lives during Hurricane Harvey, and the ladies also wove 30 handmade quilts for Hurricane Harvey victims in Wharton.

And they aren’t stopping in just the Houston-area, with the group said to be planning a sendoff of nearly 600 more caps to firefighters working to put out the California wildfires. They also knit for cancer patients and hospitals across the country and donated caps to survivors of the Las Vegas shooting last summer.

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While Zwecker and the other Ladies volunteer their time, they also accept donations of materials, sewing tools, and cash through the group’s website.

Keep up the good work, y’all!

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