Even if those spaces are seldom free, businesses in the Montrose area do plan for a lot of parking real estate.

And reporter Nancy Sarnoff goes into the reasons why on the Chronicle’s ‘Looped In’ podcast.

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Centered on Houston Real estate, the regular program discusses many things affecting the industry.

She coins the term “psychogeography” in part-one of the two-part episode to explain the psychological relationship between people and the urban environment.

Topics span everything from the psychology of real estate, to a recent episode titled “How legal weed can spark a real estate market.”

In part-two, she spoke with real estate investor Mark Davis about the Westheimer Flea Market building, a 1929 property slated for renovation:

Some people oppose the development, which requires the demolition of an attached building behind it for parking.

“Parking requirements are tearing apart the city,” said one commenter.

Other citizens also hate parking requirements in the city, saying it contributes to congestion and traffic, but each new business still needs to adhere to them until the regulations can be changed.

Houston is expanding, and Davis contends the parking requirements of “yesteryear” will have to change with it:

“If I had my druthers, I’d just the market determine parking.”

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