Four-year-old Tanner Jones missed out on Halloween this year, confined to the hospital when his respiratory system came under attack from a virus.

“I don’t want to ever, ever go through that again,” his mother Taylore Jones said in an interview with KHOU.

“He would lay there, and it was like nobody was home,” Denise Worley, his grandmother, added. “It just broke my heart.”

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The entire family reportedly spent Halloween in the hospital with Tanner, which caused them to miss out on putting up their annual display of Halloween decorations – a tradition they said is taken very seriously, going as far to rent a storage locker to stow their decorations.

This is why, when Tanner returned from the hospital, his grandmother spooked the neighbors and asked them for a favor:

A Halloween do-over.

Providing the candy herself, neighbors handed it out to Tyler when he came to their door dressed as a fireman.

Late last week, Tanner and his friends celebrated Halloween in November, going door-to-door collecting candy from the neighbors they told him they managed to “save,” along with his favorite holiday.

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“He’s just the sweetest little boy,” one neighbor, Kathy Thornton, said in an interview with KHOU. “So just to be able to do this for him is amazing.”

Some Houstonians celebrated Halloween twice after one 4-year-old spent his in the ICU AP Photo/Bullit Marquez