An undercover officer got more than he bargained for while patrolling Bissonnet Street near the Southwest Freeway.

The teenage girl who agreed to perform a sex act on him for $100 was allegedly coached into doing it by her 17-year-old friend, according to Channel 2.

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Authorities accuse Ashley Galvan, 17, of instructing other teens in prostitution, charging her with promoting prostitution among girls younger than 18.

However, according to KPRC, Galvan reportedly defended her actions by stating her friend needed money, and prostitution is how she herself has made ends meet in the past.

Police took Galvan and the other teen into custody on Jan. 18.

Galvan also works as a store clerk and attends college.

Bissonnet is reportedly a popular spot for prostitution in the Bayou City, known nationally to ladies of the night as a “million dollar strip.”

It’s grown so popular that businesses in the area are pressing law enforcement to clean it up.

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