On Wednesday, police in Sugar Land were trying to stop a vehicle on Highway 6 for a minor moving violation when the unexpected happened.

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First, the car evaded the cops, crashing into a light pole – its occupants fleeing.

Then, authorities got a closer look at the car, which, as they described, had loads of coins, virtually pouring out of it.

A robbery was reported earlier in the day, during which a large number of coins were stolen from a home.

Turns out, this wasn’t any old coin collection:

The money actually belonged to a family who said they had been saving for four years to go on a Disney vacation.

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After returning the coins to the family, the police department shared the following post on Facebook: “They were so happy to hear that SLPD recovered their coins, so they will still be headed to Disney!”

Anna Caplan contributes to Rare Houston and Rare Animals. 
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