Sugar Land woman reportedly bilked out of her retirement savings by online scammers

Image of someone using a laptop computer. Source: CC license.

A Sugar Land woman is almost $10,000 poorer thanks to Internet scam artists.

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Alice Turner, 72, engaged a computer services company to remove malware from her laptop last summer. When the company didn’t do the job, she enlisted another one to help fix the problem.

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That’s when her situation went south, and now she alleges the company took $9,500 in retirement from her in the process.

After a man on the phone claimed Turner “took money out of their account,” she was then told she needed to pay them back.

That’s when she went to the bank, withdrew the money, trying to “make right with the company.”

Of the company, she recalls: “He said, ‘Write down this account number and name and go in and deposit it and don’t [ask] any questions or anything.”

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Now, Turner is cautioning other people to be aware of scammers.

“I don’t want any other person whether young or old, particularly elderly people, if there’s any one person I could save for this I definitely don’t want them going through what I went through,” she said.

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