According to the wives of now-rap duo UGK, reports the entire group’s archives were lost in the flood should be washed down the drain as fake news.

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Numerous hip-hop publications ran with the story last week, after an Instagram post from rapper Bun B’s wife Queenie appeared to provide the archives were lost in the flood as she sought help her friend, Chinara’s, son.

The message, posted on August 30, reads as follows:

“Lil Chad aka Chaddy Boo is still stuck in his grandma house in 6ft. of water. His phone died. He his wife and a 79yr old neighbor 5048 Shevsport Ave.”

The post doesn’t make it clear whether the archives in question were written material, CDs, digital recordings or all of the above.

However, in a later post, rapper Pimp C’s widow Chinara said news of their loss was false.

“I shared a message to get some help to my step son,” she wrote. “That is all.”

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The game belongs to Houston.

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