TCU’s youngest graduate is just 14 years old, but his education has just begun Screenshot/TCU
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Last week, 14-year-old Carson Huey-You became Texas Christian University’s youngest graduate, earning a bachelor of science in physics and holding minors in math and Chinese.

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Huey-You’s mother, Claretta Kimp, said he started learning calculus when he was 3, and she credits her availability as a stay-at-home mother, as well as TCU’s community of faculty and teachers, to her oldest son’s achievements.

“It feels like it was meant to be he would come here,” Senior Associate Dean Dr. Magnus Rittby said describing his adolescent student’s success as a horned frog. “There are a lot of reasons why it was successful, and I think it’s very hard not to love Carson and the person he is. He’s not some abrasive kid who think he’s smarter than everyone else, but, actually, he is smarter than everyone else.”

Huey-You’s aptitude for subatomic particles and learning is set to continue this fall, when he will return to TCU to pursue his master’s. The young scholar hopes to eventually earn a Ph.D. and teach in the field, as well.

Genius seems to be a family affair, as his 11-year-old brother Cannan is set to join Carson at TCU this fall, studying for a degree in astronomy.

While the curriculum and environment of college can be quite adult, the boys’ advisers and mother are dedicated to providing the boys with opportunities to still be kids.

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“This is where they can continue to learn and grow physically, spiritually, emotionally in every aspect of which your child needs to grow,” Claretta said about TCU’s investment in hers sons. “They don’t feel like, ‘Oh, I’m in a school with a bunch of grown ups,’ and everything. They feel more like, ‘Hey, this is my family. This is my team. These are the people who really care about me.’”


“TCU is where I’ve grown up,” Carson said. “It’s home.”

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