A 23-year-old Houston teacher, Michelle Schiffer of the Cypress-Fairbanks School District, is the latest educator to find herself jobless after a student says that he engaged in sexual activities with his former teacher.

A student at Cypress Springs High School, where Schiffer was a teacher, came forward and told educators about the allegations. Court documents accessed by KPRC claim that the former world history teacher confessed to authorities.

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The victim, who is now 16 years old and will not be identified because he is a minor, reportedly told a classmate that he met Schiffer outside a Chick-fil-A and that they smoked marijuana in her car. After that, she told authorities that they went to a friend’s house and had sex. At the time that the incidents occurred, the student was 15 years old.

She is charged with improper relationship with a student as well as sexual assault of a child and is being held on $30,000 bond KTRK reports.

The Cypress-Fairbanks School District is one of the larger districts in the area and there are 13 high schools under their umbrella, per the information on their website. The district offered the following statement:

When the alleged actions of the staff member were learned, she was immediately removed from campus and placed on administrative leave. We will continue to protect our students and not tolerate relationships of an inappropriate nature.

According to the Texas penal code, improper relationship with a student is a second-degree felony. Like most states, Texas’ law does have a clause that lessens the punishment for educators who are within three years of their victims, but since Schiffer was at least six years older than the student, her lawyers will have a tough time getting that to apply.


It might just be a coincidence, but it seems that over the years, we’ve seen quite a few incidents of Texas teachers getting too friendly with their students. In early November, a Texas educator managed to escape jail time after she carried on a lengthy relationship with a student. On Wednesday morning, Rare reported on an El Paso teacher who was caught kissing a student in the back of his car.

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