Texas may miss out this time, but Space City will have their chance to see another solar eclipse soon

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With all of the excitement over the Great American Eclipse on Aug. 21, many Texans are disappointed about not being in the path to see the display.

Fortunately, sky-gazing Texans do have a treat to look forward to in the coming years: a solar eclipse that passes right over Texas.

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In 2024, another solar eclipse will dawn, and the path of totality passes right over central Texas, giving Texans a great opportunity to enjoy the natural phenomenon.

Dallas and Austin will be directly in the totality path, while San Antonio sits on the boundary line. All three cities should enjoy excellent views of the eclipse. The greatest eclipse will be best visible just south of Texas, from Mexico.

While it’s too early to make clear weather predictions, NASA warns weather conditions could make the eclipse less visible.

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Interested in the show? You’ve got seven years to plan out your Texas-sized solar eclipse viewing party.

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