Texas senator cosponsors bill aimed at helping veterans with PTSD

Texas Senator John Cornyn is cosponsoring the Puppies Assisting Wounded Service Members (PAWS) act, a bill that hopes to shorten the wait for veterans with PTSD to get a service animal.

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According to Houston Public Media, the wait time for a service animal can stretch out for years. Service animals can be helpful to veterans affected by PTSD, but the wait time makes it difficult to get the help they need.

The PAWS act would create a pilot program with the Department of Veterans Affairs, which would be responsible for covering the cost of training service dogs for veterans. Training a service dog can take up to two and a half years, so the more of them that are trained and ready for a good home, the better.

Cornyn said that “Part of what we owe [veterans] is that when they take off the uniform and they become a civilian that we help them with that transition,” adding that “this is just one small way we can help them make that transition in a way they can live full lives and productive lives, rather than live alone, tormented by some of these invisible wounds of war.”

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